Silent Meditation Forest Cabins


Silent Meditation Forest Cabins

Located between Lake Bezdibene and the Ozolini buildings, a dynamic collection of cabins provide spaces for exploration, solitude, and focus. For those seeking internal balance in an increasingly fast-paced world, the spatial and physical qualities of each cabin conjure a greater sense of self and surrounding.

The cabin strives to touch the ground lightly, both in terms of physical construction and environmental impact. Constructed with vernacular materials, such as plywood and timber, the building is simple and easy to maintain.

Replicable and versatile, minimal adjustments to the orientation and apertures allow a range of experiences from complete exposure to isolated concentration. A central core accommodates the basic needs of sleeping, cooking, and creating while maximizing space for meditation and focus on a sky-lit platform above. Enclosed by a dynamic shell, the operable walls and windows expose the core to the outside, blurring the distinction between personal space and wilderness.



Riga, Latvia




Building Size: 50 sf (per cabin)


Architectural Design
Interior Architecture
Sustainable Design


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