Simplified By Design


Simplified By Design


Latvian teamakers Ozolini worked with Bee Breeders to host an international design contest that sought off-the-grid forest cabin designs for eco-tourists interested in a silent meditative retreat. Sited on Ozolini's teamaking grounds in rural Latvia, designs were judged on their integration within the surrounding forest and their sensitivity to the environment. As one of only eleven U.S. firms to receive recognition, Myefski Architects’ silent meditation forest cabin was selected as a shortlisted project.

Replicable and versatile, minimal adjustments to the orientation and apertures allow a range of experiences from complete exposure to isolated concentration. A central core accommodates the basic needs of sleeping, cooking, and creating while maximizing space for meditation and focus on a sky-lit platform above. Enclosed by a dynamic shell, the operable walls and windows expose the core to the outside, blurring the distinction between personal space and wilderness.

“The team wanted to create a space that allowed one to escape the chaos of daily life, explore new untouched environments and reflect on the tranquility of nature,” said John Myefski. "Our multifaceted yet simplistic design most definitely achieved that goal."

MA’s design team was comprised of John Myefski, Chris Myefski, Aniella Goldinger, and Ellis Wills-Begley. We congratulate the team on this notable achievement!


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