Goose Island Atrium


Goose Island Atrium

Located on the North Branch of Chicago's Goose Island, the concept design for this 280,000 sf building involves the conversion of what was once a furniture factory into a creative office space.

At the ground level, the design incorporates a cafe concept with enormous garage-style windows that allow the indoor dining space to be extended outside.

As one enters the interior gallery, which is enclosed by the glass atrium, they are guided by the refurbished train tracks that once ran through the island. Flooded with natural light, the gallery brings the outdoors inside with a massive green wall that nearly extends the length of the building. All of these elements are continued into the exterior gallery, which includes additional seating and a refurbished train car.



Chicago, IL




Building Size: 7,600 sf (Atrium)


Architectural Design
Interior Architecture
Adaptive Reuse
Sustainable Design


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