The Innovators+Maintainers


The Innovators + Maintainers


This past weekend, April 4-7, the AIA Committee on Design (COD) hosted their annual domestic conference in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Premised on the theme, 'The Innovators & Maintainers: Innovation in Architecture, Infrastructure & Technology', members and participants studied benchmark projects evaluating how new programming, design iterations, and technological advancement affect the human experience.

As a member of the COD Leadership Group, John Myefski, President + Principal of Myefski Architects, was elated to play his part in creating an opportunity to showcase the Bay Area's world-class and forward-thinking companies.

"Speaking as a past participant, I was completely impressed with the turnout and quality of ideas presented this year," said Myefski. "Now, as a member of the COD Leadership Group, I've gained a new level of appreciation for the hard work and collaborative effort that makes each conference successful."

The annual international conference, September 21-29, will be held in Switzerland–a region regularly ranked as the world's most innovative economy.


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