An Urban Oasis


An Urban Oasis

AUGUST 24, 2018 | CHICAGO, IL—

Chicago's vibrant West Loop neighborhood consists of a diverse array of restaurants and bars, particularly in the Fulton Street Market District. Among these restaurants is Aba & The Dalcy, a restaurant and event space designed by Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants' in-house design team and Myefski Architects.

Located above Beatrix, the 600-seat rooftop oasis features a large skylight and ample amounts of greenery, cultivating a warm, Mediterranean ambience - this creates a smooth transition onto the shared outdoor patio, which showcases spectacular views of downtown.

"For being such a trendy neighborhood, the West Loop was lacking a space that integrates outdoor with indoor elements year-round - Aba and The Dalcy fill that void," said Mike Karkowski, Associate at Myefski Architects. "With a reputation for implementing inventive urban restaurants and entertainment spaces, Lettuce was the perfect group to solve this problem."


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